Reverend Robert Beinke has been my Pastor at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Norwalk, CT for over twenty-five years and there is no one I admire and trust more. His love for the Lord and his congregation is evident to all through his words and actions.

Pastor Beinke is a warm, patient, and compassionate man. He is my spiritual leader, my brother in Christ and a very special friend. There have been many times over the years when I called upon him for prayers, especially during family medical problems.  Other times included less urgent situations such as difficult decisions that had to be made, times of stress and the need to just vent over an issue.  Pastor is a great listener and there was never a time he was not available when I needed to talk with him. However, as important as those times were, there are two situations that I will never forget.

One of those times, my daughter needed a very serious operation and she had asked Pastor to pray with her team of physicians before the surgery.  The day of the operation, Pastor arrived at the hospital before my husband, her sister, and I got there.  He prayed with our daughter and her surgeons and then brought us to a private area and prayed with us.  Pastor has always been able to comfort me with prayer, but this time was different.

During his prayer, a feeling of warmth and calmness came over me and I felt the Lord’s strength and love relieve the tension in me and I believed that everything was going to be fine.  Pastor stayed with us all day until the long surgery was over and until we knew the surgery was successful and she would recover.  He shared prayers of thanks to God with us and called home to give the good news to everyone that was praying for her.  Before leaving he made certain we were all calm and he was even able to see our daughter for a short visit and prayer.

More recently, Pastor has been a constant in our lives over the last few years. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and went downhill quickly both physically and mentally.  Pastor offered to go with us to my husband’s first neurology appointment and we gratefully accepted.  He continued to join us at appointments whenever possible. He was a calming presence for my husband and me.  Pastor made many visits and calls to us especially near the end to check on how we were both doing.  My husband is now home with the Lord and Pastor’s continued care and prayers are a constant.  His love and compassion will never be forgotten and Pastor Beinke will hold a special place in my heart as long as I live.

With Care – In Christ

Nancy Shandrowski

[The Convalescent or The Pastor, Ralph Hedley, 1851–1913]

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